Touch of Hope - What we do


The programme is for  people of ethnically divided communities, who carry the emotional scars of war .
The programme is based on the values of: reconciliation, personal growth and a holistic approach to health and healing.
The main activities of our work are training workshops .

The workshops aim to:

• Support personal growth, psycho-physical and spiritual health of individuals through developing capacities for self support and mutual support of different community members in dealing with trauma
• Empower different ethnic and religious groups for dialogue and peace building activities in their communities.
• Increase public awareness about the need for dealing with war wounds

There are currently 3 units of workshops.

Unit 1:

• Basic understandings of a holistic approach to Health and Healing.
• Communication Skills
• Identity as a place of hurt and growth
• Wounded Healer
• Forgiveness
• A model of Reconciliation by John Paul lederach :Truth, justice, mercy and peace

Unit 2:   
Develops the unit 1 themes more deeply and can involve a study visit to the Uk, including a stay at The residential base of Community of Reconciliation at Barnes Close, and a visit to Coventry  Cathedral. Participants normally spend a few nights with host families from local churches, and share their experiences with local church congregations.

Unit 3:   
This unit is for the training of those who have completed the previous units to become Facilitators of Touch of Hope workshops.


Touch of Hope from Mercurial Dance on Vimeo.